Recovery Resources Group

Batterer Accountability

A 16 or 26 week open group for men who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse or dependency. Group helps men explore their use of substances, how substances have affected their life and how to begin healing.

A 26 week open group modeled on the Duluth Program for men whose verbal, emotional, or physical abuse has caused relationship problems, including separation, divorce, domestic abuse, or violence.


Individual Sessions

Driver’s License Assessments

West Shore Counseling Services also provides a variety of opportunities for personal counseling. We invite men to attend our groups to work on issues.

We conduct assessments to help clients regain their driving privileges.


Recovery Paths

Anger Management

A 16 week open group for adolescents and young adults to explore life skills development including:effective communication, strengthening healthy relationships, substance abuse prevention and changing existing substance use misconceptions to further enhance a positive commitment to self, others and the community.

A 16 week open group for men who have difficulty managing their anger, which may have resulted in resentment, conflicts with partners, job difficulties, and family or legal problems.


No Contact Evaluations


We conduct no-contact evaluations in a timely and professional manner.



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