Individual Care

West Shore Counseling Services provides a variety of opportunities for personal counseling.  We invite women and men to participate in individual work to build that better future. We are experienced and well-trained to strengthen one’s marriage, support individuals through their grief, encourage self-accountability or any life challenges such as depression, anxiety, stress, communication issues, trauma recovery, parenting and self-esteem.

If you are struggling with any of these issues or any other life challenges, please reach out to us. We would be happy to provide additional information to assist you in determining whether you would benefit from individual counseling. 


Recovery Resource Programs

The services available at WSCS vary because the journey to recovery may vary for each of us. Let us assist you in determining an accurate treatment plan. It is difficult to take this journey on by yourself. The following services are designed to work with you as a team.

Recovery Resource Groups

The group is another way to support you on a path from abusing substances.  The agency offers a 16 or 26-week open group for men who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse or dependency. The group helps men explore their use of substances, how substances have affected their life and how to begin healing.

The agency also offers a Recovery Path Group, a 16-week open group for adolescents and young adults to explore life skills development including effective communication, strengthening healthy relationships, substance abuse prevention, and changing existing substance use misconceptions to further enhance a positive commitment to self, others and the community.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is offered as well to focus on the individual care needed in one’s journey of recovery. This option may be in addition to a group. The appropriate treatment plan will be determined with you and your counselor.

Driver’s License Assessments

We conduct assessments to help clients regain their driving privileges.


Battering Intervention Program

The Battering Intervention Program works towards ending intimate partner violence. It is a program that designed to assist individuals with their own self-examination of hurting their partners and with others that may be mandated to self-examine their actions.

WSCS has been one of the only West Michigan programs following the state standards for Batterer Intervention Programs.  The program has been a member of BISC-MI (Batterer Intervention Services Coalition of Michigan). The program has also been recognized by the Lakeshore Alliance Against Domestic Violence. It is important for our program to work interventions within the criminal justice system and the community prevention/intervention programs that centralizes victim safety.

Battering Accountability Groups

Carli, Jon and Ortencia have been trained and work as a team to co-facilitate the Groups offered at the agency.  Together, they work carefully to balance client respect yet recognizing the accountability needed when self-examining intimate partner violence in a group setting. The groups follow The Duluth Model – Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter curriculum.

No Contact Evaluations

The agency assists local courts with providing evaluations to help determine whether a No Contact Provision of a pending or adjudicated court order. This process is done with care and sensitivity to assure safety is a priority.

Please contact any of us to learn more about the program, the dynamics of Intimate Partner Violence and how services offered create a process of change for a safe community.


Women's Group

This Women’s group is a 26-week, open group with primary focus of offering space for clients to learn about themselves and their relationships to others while exploring issues related to substance use, domestic violence, self-esteem, parenting, relationships, and managing difficult feelings. This group has a holistic-focus, and offers tools for healthy coping, stress reduction, self-regulation, and conflict management. 

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