David Maat


We all have moments in our life when we find ourselves in situations when help from others is needed. We seek help in a variety of places where we feel we can build a relationship of trust. Trust that, when we expose our weakness, we won’t be crushed. Trust that, when we share our shame, we won’t be judged. Trust that, when we are angry, we won’t be pushed away. Trust that, when we are weary and full of sorrow, we won’t be seen as a burden. Trust that, when we are trying to explore change, we won’t be rejected. Providing a space where trust can be experienced is the key to unlocking the door for healing and restoration. 

My hope is to provide space for all people to bravely explore themselves; their communities, their culture, their family, their emotions, their gender, their religion, their abilities, their sobriety, their relationships, their sexuality, their spirituality, their struggles and their triumphs. 

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