West Shore Counseling Services (WSCS) has grown over the years to provide caring and effective treatment services to help individuals explore healthier and more respectful relationships, resulting in a safer and more responsible community.

WSC has been part of a larger vision of corrdinated care for men in West Michigan.  The vision was created by one of the co-founders of the Men’s Resource Center, Charles Donaldson.  He opened the doors to WSCS 18 years ago in Holland, Michigan, and created a niche for the community – men’s support groups.  The “niche” in the community may have started with the men’s therapy groups yet this was just the beginning for the growth of WSCS.  Charlie has retired from the work in West Michigan yet the agency continues his dedication to the community. 

Today, the agency maintains the same goals as years ago with providing various counseling services for men, women and families.  WSCS continues to offer a variety of therapy groups and counseling to individuals who seek services on their own or eventually become self-invested after being referred for various issues.

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